Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

What is CFT?

Compassion Focused Therapy looks to help you develop and support self-compassion. We very often find it easier to provide compassion to others who might be struggling, but find it challenging to be compassionate to ourselves.

This type of therapy uses approaches from mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance your wellbeing.

Compassion Focused Therapy focuses on being able to bring comfort and self-soothing when feel a sense of suffering, failure or being inadequate.

We provide CFT sessions online – you can get in touch to book a free initial consultation.

What problems can CFT help with?


Low self-esteem

Long term conditions

Traumatic experiences

How does CFT work?

Compassion Focused Therapy works through firstly understanding how our minds and bodies work and identifying how you connect to others in a compassionate manner and then build our sense of comfort and self-soothing. We will do this through mindfulness techniques, imagery and breathing exercises to help you respond to yourself with warmth and care when you need it most.

Compassion Focused Therapy helps you to recognise suffering as a shared human experience; as something we all go through at times in our lives rather than something that happens to “you” or “I” alone.

How long will my sessions last?

We offer 50 minute appointments and would usually recommend a minimum of six sessions. However, many people find that between 10-20 sessions is sufficient. We will always talk through the structure of your therapy sessions and work together to identify how many sessions would be helpful.

When can I have my CFT sessions?

You can begin CFT sessions whenever feels right for you. We would always recommend booking in a free 20 minute consultation with us so that we can identify what support would be helpful for you. We always recommend attending sessions in a quiet and confidential space (such as being at home without distraction).